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10 Top Digital Marketing Companies in India

The situation of lockdown has led to the rise of digital marketing in society. It is the preferable choice of all the businesses out there. The growth of digital marketing was mainly observed when brands had to reach the audience but offline marketing was not available. Almost all the companies and businesses took the help of social media marketing, Google ads, email marketing and many more to connect with the people. Basically, digital marketing is a way of selling products and services with the help of the internet. These services are not limited to a particular kind of business, any business owner or services provider can avail marketing digitally.

This extraordinary way has proved to be a boon for small businesses and start-ups across the globe. It is not limited to this, as this method widens your reach and connects you to the consumer globally. It builds up the faith and brand value in the market. Furthermore, you get the opportunity to increase your market value. All these features have increased the number of digital marketing services in India. There are countless companies and advertising agencies in India which are offering these services to accelerate your sales and build up a fresh customer base. It is quite impossible for you to extract the best one for you and that is the reason why we have curated a few of the top digital marketing companies in India. You can contact the company that fits best your business needs. Our research includes a digital marketing company in India that holds a record of exemplary results and outstanding feedbacks.

Best Digital Marketing Companies in India

top digital marketing companies in india

This list includes companies from different cities of the country. These companies are the best in what they do as these are the top digital marketing companies in India. All the digital marketing agencies provide online services so it doesn’t matter if your business is established someplace and you want to hire an agency in a different city. For example- you can use digital marketing services in Hyderabad while operating your company from Ajmer. If you want to connect with a company that is situated in the same city as yours then you can search ‘digital marketing services near me and you’ll get plenty of options.

1. iProspect

Founded by Vivek Bhargava, the London based company has branches in India for digital marketing services. The branches in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Chennai are doing exceptionally well. iProspect is the top digital marketing company in India.  This company is a whole package of all the services that digital marketing includes so that their clients get more conversion rates and boosts in sales.

ServicesSEM, Paid Search Advertising, Online Display Advertising Management, etc.
ClientsCOX, LG, Hilton

2. echoVME

By providing the best digital marketing services in Chennai, echoVME company has gained much-deserved popularity. Their team has a great experience in social media marketing and PPC and also, their services have helped so many businesses to excel in their niche. CEO Sorav Jain is a social media expert, he has more than 7 years of experience and that’s why it is the best for social media marketing and it is one of the top digital marketing companies in India.

ServicesEvent Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Performance marketing services etc.
ClientsGenpact, Casagrand
agency for digital marketing

3. Mirum

It is a leading company that is focusing on providing the most innovative solutions to promote your brand. Mirum has a great market value and reputation among brands and popular businesses. The company has branches of the business globally. It was earlier named social wavelength. CEO Sanjay and Hareesh have the strongest knowledge of online consumer base and marketing style which allows them to deliver impressive results. It is the best digital marketing company in Hyderabad.

ServicesMarketing Automation, Campaign Management, etc.
ClientsKFC, Godrej, Unilever

4. Edible Webtech

With the aim to understand clients’ requirements and exceed expectations, this company has been working tirelessly to promote through their best services. Edible Webtech has a team to analyze market trends and need to meet the client’s demand. The company has proficient people to plan the strategy for your business type. CEO Tarundeep Singh is himself a digital marketer and that is a core reason for perfection in their outcomes. It is one of the top digital marketing companies in India.

ServicesGoogle ads, Digital Marketing Strategy, Website Development, etc.
ClientsBDS, Mr Master Inc
advertising agency in india

5. FoxyMoron

FoxyMoron, a company that owns the most impressive portfolio, has its offices for digital marketing services in Gurgaon, Bangalore and Mumbai. Founders Prateek Gupta and Suveer Bajaj are highly motivated and focused on delivering the projects on time with utmost perfection. They have the spirit of bringing thoughts and words into action. It is the best digital marketing company in India.

ServicesData Analytics, Content Production, Media Services, etc
ClientsEmbibe, Grazia, Axe

6. Redmac

Avail of the digital marketing services in Jaipur and in other cities of India to shoot up your sales. Redmac is here to take over all the online marketing and promotional work for your brand. It will not only increase your sales but it will build up your brand image and a good brand image is the need of the hour to connect with your audience.

ServicesLead Generation, Campaign Designing, Web Designing, etc
ClientsVincar, Power Visibility

7. Osumare

To make your brand socially competitive, Osumare has unique strategies for each business type. Their digital marketing services in Pune are outstanding, hence making it one of the top digital marketing companies in India. Their team conducts market research for each client and always comes up with distinctive ideas.

ServicesMobile marketing, ORM, Content Marketing, etc
ClientsMSM Group, Taco Bell
best digital marketing company

8. Langoor – Agency for Digital Marketing

Langoor has the best digital marketing services in Bangalore and they have been serving their clients with excellence in their work. The company believes that craziness can transform the world and that is the justification for this name too. The team at Langoor is diverse; they can handle multiple tasks in a flawless way.

ServicesSearch Engine Strategy, Marketing Automation
ClientsNovartis, Acuvue

9. Ting

Here is another amazing digital marketing company named Ting that is providing creative solutions to clients. The company has versatility in their work and its website reflects it all. They have top-notch marketing strategies that fit your business needs. Their creative and client-focused working culture is what makes them unique.

ServicesAnimation and Motion Graphics, Digital Shoot, etc.
ClientsAvendus, Heyday
Contact+91 98404 88224

10. WATConsult

Distinctive marketing style is what WATConsult is popular for because they ace in that. Their client base is appreciable because the company provides digital business solutions to the brands who want to excel in their niche. They read the insights carefully and turn your data into use to create strategies. The company has the expertise of analyzing data professionally. WATConsult is one of the top digital marketing companies in India.  

ServicesDigital Brand Building, Content and Engagement strategy
ClientsTotal, Bioderma
top digital marketing companies in india