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SEO VS PPC: Which is Better for Getting ROI?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and PPC is an acronym for Pay Per Click. Both SEO and PPC are parts of Search Engine marketing. In this battle of SEO Vs PPC, we will discuss a basic difference between both is that the traffic coming from SEO is free and it is called organic search while from PPC, you have to pay per link so it is known as paid search.

Points to consider while choosing one from SEO Vs PPC-

  • Both SEO and PPC can produce positive results for your business.
  • SEO takes time in generating results and conversions but PPC gives immediate results.
  • PPC is expensive and can add on cost to your daily costs on the other hand SEO is free.

SEO Vs PPC Comparison

Position of your ad in search results

In the case of PPC, your ad will appear at the top or bottom of the search results as these search results are shown in the middle of the page. The higher the cost you paid for your ad, the more chances of it appearing on the first page of search results. It depends on many factors such as keywords targeted, ad keywords, page landing, etc.

In the case of SEO, it depends that how optimized your website is both in the case of on-site and off-site SEO.

SEO VS PPC Cost Comparison

As earlier mentioned, SEO is free whereas PPC requires some cost to be paid. As we all know that a lot of time is required for getting free traffic. A high-quality content, keywords quality, and a great SEO plan can fetch more traffic.

On the other hand, PPC requires to give ads through a well-known PPC platform, maybe, Google ads, which also depends upon the quality of keywords etc. In the case of PPC, money is paid for the clicks and not the views.

PPC VS SEO Marketing Conversion

Talking about conversion, PPC is better in conversion than SEO. Conversion means a customer is buying your products or taking your services after watching your ad. High-quality keywords in case of PPC will generate more conversions

Conversions through SEO take time

On the other hand, SEO results take time to convert as customers are shown with every ad without considering their preferences and tastes.

Usage & Time Requirements

Both SEO and PPC are easy to use if you have proper knowledge otherwise, experts in the particular area can help you out. A successful SEO requires much time, in terms of months or even years to rank.

In case of PPC, even a beginner can generate good results but it requires costs to be spent.

SEO Vs PPC-Which Strategy can Bring More Traffic?

The answer to this is SEO, only if you are able to manage your content with high-quality keywords. After investing worthy time, if your website is highlighting in the top 5, then you can get free traffic for unlimited.

It is vice versa in PPC. Irrespective of the popularity, ads have to be run for featuring and payment is to be made.

Search Engine Optimization-SEO

Working of Search Engine Optimization

SEO is basically a trick to make your ads user search-friendly. Proper execution of SEO makes your website to rank higher. Whenever a user searches anything on Google, it will be optimized to show the results or websites related to your search only. Your main motive in SEO program is to feature in top 10 websites for that particular result in Google.


Activities in SEO

  • Research of keyword.
  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO
  • Content creation
  • Competitive analysis

Advantages of SEO

  • SEO is highly profitable and economical as it requires no cost to be paid. It totally depends upon organic search.
  • SEO works for 24×7. There is no need to run advertisements on a particular time. It works whenever searches are made.
  • Although it takes time to get results from SEO, but it provides long term results. Once you start getting results, there is no way back, until you stop putting efforts in it.
  • After putting all the efforts, time will give you the worthy results. Your business’s ROI will grow at a faster rate than you think.

Disadvantages of SEO

  • Yes, obvious and earlier mentioned, SEO strategies take more time to bring traffic to your website. You require constant efforts to be put.
  • Google’s rules and protocols changes with time. You have to constantly monitor the content of your website or ads to remain at stable position. You can’t let go off it once.

Pay Per Click-PPC

Working of Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click strategies provide you with access to all messaging and links on the search results page. It is provided by Search Engines like Google and Social Websites like Facebook.

PPC model depends on keywords. PPC experts invest a lot of time in searching keywords that are highly searched for. You require to put those keywords in your content to be highlighted.


Models in PPC

  • Flat rate model-  A fixed charge for each click is to be paid in case of flat rate model. However, the rates can be negotiated for high value projects or for long term subscriptions.
  • Bid based model- In case of this model, advertiser places a maximum amount of bid which he is willing to pay for it. Then, an auction is made by publisher and whenever a search engine triggers, an auction is run.

Activities in Pay Per Click

  • Keyword research
  • Topic research
  • Competitive analysis

Advantages of PPC

  • One of the main advantage of using PPC strategy is that it provides swift and immediate results. Once a PPC model is launched, results will be seen.
  • Specific audience is targeted in case of PPC. As only that users will click on the link, who are really interested in your content or product. So a bunch of audience is filtered with this and ROI increases.

Disadvantages of PPC

  • PPC works with outflow of money. The results are seen as much as paid for and once, the money is not paid, the traffic will vanish automatically.
  • PPC requires much financial investment for your business. A constant monitoring with the experts require a lot of efforts by you, too.

PPC or SEO- Which Is Better?

Well, in my opinion, there is no definite answer to this. SEO strategies will give long-term results, more conversions and ROI for free. On the other hand, for short-term projects or promotions, why not to have PPC as your model investment. So, a mix of the above two strategies is required for your business to flourish. Keeping in mind all the pros and cons of both, select as per your needs.

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