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9 Best App Store Optimization Tools

Edible Webtech is one of the leading companies that provide the services of SEO, Digital marketing, web development and app development. In this era, it is crucial to use these solutions to stay connected with your audience, because people are looking for innovation. That’s the reason why edible Webtech is here, this company has a record of providing exemplary services. Though the company has maintained an outstanding record for all the services, app development is their core strength. Their skilled employees go through all the ups and downs while making a highly functional app. They have also purchased the best app store optimization tools for clients.

Let us know about what App Store Optimization Tool means and why is it important to use. Here is the list of the best aso tools and their analysis which is done by our app developers.

Meaning of ASO

App Store Optimization generates organic growth and traffic to your app in the app store. It is a core reason for the overall success of the app. The mobile phone has the most extensive reach in the world. More than half of the population in the world has smartphones right now. More number of mobile users leads to more app downloads and high competition in mobile app ranking on the app store. Around 70% of people use the search bar to find the desired app and 65% of users download the app they get after searching. These numbers are huge to make a difference in the performance of your app. If you want to develop an app then the best way is to use top app store ranking tools. This app store optimization tool suggests the best words for description, category and title, and many more.

 Why do we need ASO tools?

We all are aware of this term- Standing out in the Crowd. In this highly competitive world, everyone wants to get noticed for their work. App Store Optimization tool is just doing the same thing with your apps. People use SEO experts to generate and monitor the content on the website, hire social media managers to run their social media accounts, just like those you need to use the ASO tool to get keyword-oriented app description and title to rank higher on the app store. Not only this, app store optimization tools are capable of comparing your performance to your competitors, and updates about the performance and downloads of the app.

ASO tools guide you to select the images and videos to display and manage the app reviews; also, it is focused on getting as many backlinks as possible. ASO tools are advisable if you are concerned about the growth of the app as well as your business. Here is the list of the best app store optimization tool.

Best App Store Optimization Tools

1.      AppRadar

The very first and one of the best app store optimization tools- APPRADAR. This app helps you in finding the best keywords for your app to drive traffic and attract potential customers. AppRadar is preferred to compare the ranking and performance between you and your competitors. It tracks the position constantly. Just like the other ASO tools, it suggests you the best for your app like reducing the app size or making it mobile-friendly, etc.

AppRadar Features

  • It optimizes Keyword.
  • Keyword analysis is its strength
  • It has a free and a paid version both.
  • Manages the reviews and ratings on the app store
  • It analysis the performance of the app
  • Tracks the rank of your app constantly

AppRadar Pricing

  • It has 4 plans
  • It offers a free trial of 2 months if you opt annual pack
  • The first plan of the best app store optimization tool free of cost
  • Next is the Starter package that costs $39 monthly
  • An advanced pack costs $69 monthly
  • The expert pack costs $129 per month
appradar pricing- best app store optimization tool

2.      ASODesk

ASOdesk is software providing favourable results to its clients. In this software, you can search the keyword on which your competitors are ranking. This helps you to use relevant keywords for your app. Moreover, ASOdesk will show you the words which are easier to rank on. Based on ASOdesk’s Score algorithm, you’ll come across the words that are popular and has high ranks too. Just like the other aso apps, ASOdesk allows you to track and check your app’s performance, conversion rates, and impressions. Other than this, ASOdesk will show that in which country your app is performing. It leads to an improvement in the ranking of the app. Hence, it is one of the best app store optimization tools.

ASOdesk Features

  • It provides organic reports
  • Compare with your competitor’s keywords
  • Analyze and suggest the keyword for you
  • Explore the exact and high performing keyword
  • Keeps a check on app’s performance
  • It keeps you aware of trending searches

ASOdesk Pricing

  • Plans are divided into 2 categories- for startups and for companies
  • Free trial is available
  • ASOdesk also provides custom based plans
  • Four plans are there for each category
  • For small businesses or startups, a small plan costs $41.6 per month
  • Medium plan charges $67.2 monthly
  • Large plan costs $92.7 monthly
  • The last plan, XL, charges $109.7 per month to consumers
  • For companies, the small plan charges $126.7 per monthly
  • Medium plan costs $169.1 monthly
  • L and XL plan costs $249.9 and $416.6 per month respectively.
ASOdesk pricing- free aso tool

3.      Apptweak

Apptweak is one of the best app store optimization tools. Keyword researches, keyword suggestion, tracking app performance, analyzing competitors are a few of its best qualities. It checks the keyword’s search volume and difficulty level to extract the best words with performance. A good keyword is extremely relevant in app store ranking. You can also compare your competitor’s app performance with your app. This will help you in enhancing the overall application.

Apptweak Features

  • You can check your visibility score
  • Spy on your competitor’s keywords
  • Inspect the accurate keyword for you
  • App downloads and estimated revenues it generates
  • Proposes useful words
  • Recommends high performing keywords

Apptweak Pricing

  • It has 4 plans and each plan has free of cost trial pack of 7 days
  • The first one is a starter plan costing $58 monthly
  • Second is plan Pro $166 monthly
  • The next one is plan Guru which costs $249 per month
  • And here comes the last plan named power for $499 monthly
Apptweak pricing- best aso tool 2021

4.      TheTool

Another top app store optimization tool is TheTool. This tool has the capability the find the hidden and the best keywords for your app’s description. It helps you in deciding the category and title which performs higher in-app store. TheTool is an amazing app to check what your competitors are using and doing. Hence, it gives you the best for your application. ASO tools are very useful in tracking the difficulty of each word and the performance of each word. You can keep an eye on the data regarding app visits, app downloads, organic and inorganic downloads feedbacks, and ratings. It provides one of the best app store optimization services.

  TheTool Features

  • Tracks organic and inorganic downloads
  • Suggests the most accurate keywords
  • Worldwide tracking is possible
  • Checks the ranks of the keywords
  • You can check the insights of your competitors
  • Downloading the data is possible

TheTool Pricing

  • This software is inexpensive to purchase
  • It has 3 plans and each plan has an individual free trial pack
  • The very first startup plan costs $45.4 for a month
  • Next plan named advanced costs $80.4 for a month
  • Plan expert costs $150.4 monthly
thetool pricing- app store optimization tools free

5.      AppFollow

AppFollow has been serving many good and reputable brands. It is one of the best ASO tools of 2021. This software claims to provide a boost in conversion rate by more than 10% on average and increase organic downloads by more than 400%. A person can get keywords from this app which allows you to even translate those words to increase local approach.  You can check the average conversion rate report on this app. Adding more to this, you can track how your competitors are performing and use that strategy and words for your own good.

AppFollow Features

  • Get the words that can accomplish your goal
  • Achieve a good rank on the app store
  • Track the ranking and app performance
  • Analyze your competitor’s app store optimization strategy
  • Provides keyword popularity and difficulty data
  • Good conversion rate and results.

AppFollow Pricing

  • This software has 2 categories consisting of plans for startups and plans for companies
  • The first plan for a startup is free of cost
  • Other 2 plans have 10 days free trial
  • Second pack Essential cost $23 for a month
  • The next plan named startup costs $47 monthly
  • Plan for companies’ Growth pack costs $55 for a month
  • The advanced plan costs $111 per month
  • Pro pack costs $399 per month
  • The next plan Enterprise is custom based
Appfollow pricing- best app store optimization services

6.     CheckASO

CheckASO is a brilliant tool for game developers, publishers, and agencies. You can develop an app and then customize it by adding the relevant keywords to rank higher on the app store. It explores the accurate keywords to describe your app’s features. You can use keyword suggestions from this software. ASO tools suggest words after conducting research and comparison between similar applications. You can the activity of competitive apps as well.

CheckASO Features

  • Allows you to customize the app conveniently
  • Suggests relevant keywords after analyzing
  • Spy on your competitor’s insights
  • Check the app’s rank on the app store
  • Analyze useful words and add that

CheckASO Pricing

  • CheckASO has four plans for different requirements
  • It is a free aso tool but has a paid version too
  • Startup plan costs $21 per month
  • Growing businesses plan costs $53 monthly
  • Publishers and Agencies plan cost $108 per month
  • The last plan named enterprise is custom based
checkaso pricing- top app store optimization tools

7.      Mobile Action

Mobile action is yet another ASO tool that ensures the users get commendable conversion rates. This tool has the capability to rank your app in a higher position which directly leads to organic page views and downloads. Mobile Action comes up with a keyword database after analyzing every possible word and app. You can choose the words from the list to use in the description. Word choice plays a vital role in app ranking. You have to be choosy while deciding keywords.

Mobile Action Features

  • Provides keyword database and variety
  • Exemplary conversion rates
  • Result-oriented software
  • Optimization of keywords
  • Spots your competitor’s high ranking keywords
  • Advises the best words to match your requirements

Mobile Action Pricing

  • Mobile Action offers a free trial
  • Startup pack is free of cost
  • Growth pack costs $299 monthly
  • The business pack costs $599 per month
mobile action pricing- best aso tool

8.      SearchMan

SearchMan has an outstanding feature named keyword graph that shows the ranking of each keyword and how well is it performing. This helps you to choose the correct words. SearchMan has all the required features like observing people’s behaviour after coming to the app store or the time they are spending watching photos and videos. Tracking your competitors, their high-ranked keywords, and creating reports are some of its appreciable features.

SearchMan Features

  • Suggests good keywords
  • Track your competitor’s performance
  • Compare keywords
  • Creates keyword graph
  • Observes and suggest trending words
  • Track your app’s performance

SearchMan Pricing

  • The first plan of this software is free of cost
  • Next plan is ASO Dashboard which costs $25 monthly
  • Spreadsheet plan charges $99 per month
  • API charges $250 per month
  • Enterprise plan starts from $1500
search man pricing- top ranking aso tool

9.      Kumulos

This is our last but not least important software of this article. Kumulos contains multiple features and it provides mobile backends as service modules. You can manage content, analyze the functioning, track performance, and many more in one place. This software highlights the insights in detail, as it considers location and feedbacks are country-specific. It is very easily accessible for both the ios app store and the android play store. You can optimize to fit your needs.

Kumulos Features

  • You can compare the performance between ios devices and android devices
  • It ranks in regards to the country
  • App Store Optimization reports come after every week or month.
  • Tracking is easy
  • Showcase the best keywords to improve ranking.

Kumulos Pricing

  • Plans are not specified
  • It is paid software
  • Charges money according to the features you are using
  • Charges are personalized
  • You do not need to pay for the features you don’t want.
kumulos pricing- top app store optimaztion tools
Suitable for AndroidFree VersionSuitable for IOSFree TrialConversion Optimization
AppRadar ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
ASOdesk ✔ ✘ ✔ ✔ ✘
Apptweak ✔ ✘ ✔ ✔ ✘
TheTool ✔ ✘ ✔ ✔ ✔
AppFollow ✔ ✔ ✘ ✔ ✔
CheckASO ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✘
Mobile Action ✔ ✔ ✘ ✔ ✔
Search Man ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✘
Kumulos ✔ ✘ ✘ ✔ ✘

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